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Jorge Martinez
Licensed in FL
(407) 728-6344
Keller Williams Classic Realty
6900 Turkey Lake Rd, Ste. 1-3
Orlando, FL 32819


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I served my country for 9 years as a United States Marine. After successfully completing my tours I prepared myself for my next career in the world of Finance. I went to school full-time and completed 3 degrees: an Undergraduate in Finance and 2 Graduate degrees a Masters in Finance an another in a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Since then I've partnered with Keller Williams as a professional REALTOR Registered . I love the career path I presently have chosen and the one prior to this; each one leverages off each other- wow, what luck do I have! My military, professional and academic background has prepared me to serve my Central Florida community in a knowledgable, ethical and a fiduciary role. My objective is to inform my community that real estate is a major investment and should be managed and maintained as one would when purchasing stock or a big investment (e.g, sports memorabilia, art, an equipment or device for your profession). By signing up on my website I intend to educate present and potential clients of what's happening in the real estate market. Remember this is our biggest investment and we should be informed of what's happening to our investment and you can do that by signing up at

Jorge Martinez

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